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Landscape Renovations

  • Sprucing up your properties landscape will add curb appeal and increase your homes value. Correcting any drainage issues along the way will prolong the lifespan of any project. Whether you want to do a full landscape remodel or fix a specific issue we look forward to providing a solution.


Patio and Walkways

Adding a patio to your home is one way to make the most of the outdoors. It increases property value but also expands what you can do outside. If you want to have a cookout or even just your morning cup of coffee



When you have improper drainage your landscape is not the only concern this could also damage the foundation of your home. Check out these benefits below:

  • Prevents standing water

  • Prevents soil erosion

  • Prevents water damage


Retaining Walls

A retaining wall can turn a non functional space into a functioning one. This will prevent erosion by holding the soil and place. You can then turn your space into a garden bed. Can also be used to define entertainment spaces using the wall as a seat wall.


Exterior Lighting

There are many benefits when you add exterior lighting to your home. Here are a few below:

  • Increase home security

  • Enhanced beauty and curb appeal

  • Extend use of outdoor living spaces



There are many factors to consider when choosing the right grass type for your yard. This includes:

  • how many hours of  sunlight does the yard get?

  • watering needs

  • best time of year to lay sod

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